Give Them Something to Imitate


You must be  credible   – Show your Grand babies by example how to be kind, how to be strong, how to be loving, smart Anything just show them and they will imitate.And in fact they most likely will be more loving, smarter, kinder then we could ever imagine for ourselves.

You are not trying to show them perfection, You are showing them how to strive to be a better you every day. They will see you work towards the goal and they will follow your lead

You have to explain why you behave they way you do. What in your life caused you to be who you are. And what in their lives will make them who they will become

You must smile every day. Show your grandchild joy and they will naturally gravitate to joy .

You need to teach your grandchild how important making the right decision is in their lives and in yours. Tell them ways a right decision  and a wrong decision changed your life  

You need to set an example of daily  spiritual/religious practices. Teach them to pray, meditate, yoga, praise . All the ways you express your spirituality


” It’s a Trust unlike any Other in Your Life”

Submitted by Glenn Harris Jr. :
According to legend, I named my grandmother Phyllis “Fifi” when I was a young child… just because Phyllis “was too hard to pronounce”. The same went for my other late grandmother Geraldine…she became “Gigi”. Since then, they both all but filed for an official name change with the US government. To this day, everyone we know calls them “Fifi” and “Gigi”. I must have made this decree no older than the age of 5, and it probably took me no more than 5 seconds to rationalize in my young head.
Nevertheless, both of these grown women adopted this dramatic life change with no hesitation. I believe at one point I even heard “Gigi” tell a doctor very late in her life, that her name was in fact “Gigi”, during a grave health situation. The best thing I can say, is that is the nature of the relationship with your grandmothers. It’s a trust unlike any others in your life. A friendship you never question.
I was blessed incredibly well when it came time to hand out family, and there is no better indication of that than Fifi, who has always encouraged me that if I’m having too much fun….have some more fun. 
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