Grandma Nonny’s Gift Grew into A Home

Submitted by Gordon:

My grandma, who is no longer with us today, really taught me how to be patient and save my money. I really wish I could call her on the phone today to tell her this awesome news,That my new wife Hayley and I have purchased a home and how she made it all possible.

Upon graduating high school, my grandma, who we all called “Nonny” in my family, gifted me $3800 from a CD that had been maturing since the 1980’s. She did this for all of us grandkids. The idea was to get us all to go to college and spend the money on books and whatnot. I soon spent $1000 of it on a rebuilt transmission for my Camaro I’d just gotten at the time. After realizing this was not what she had intended the funds for, I went to her and confessed, and she said something to the tune of “No problem. Just pay yourself back.” So I did. In about 6 months, with the meager income I earned from an elementary school that employed me at the time, I paid my saving back. I realized how easy it was to put away $1000, so I just kept doing it. Thirteen years later, and with a little help from Hayley, I saved enough money for a down payment on a house. Nonny gave me money for college, and I spent it on a house 13 years later. I think (hope) she would be proud of that. 



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