The Big Question ?


Why did I start this Blog? I have asked myself this a few times in the last weeks. I have been asked by a few people too. I can’t blame the curious, that is how I found myself Blogging in the first place . My initial answer was to learn How to be a Grandma.  I have always been curious and a seeker of knowledge, not your school learned knowledge but knowledge of people and life. How and why people do what they do.  I look forward to being a Grandma one day and thought I need to be prepared. Granted none of my boys are married and no babies on the horizon for now. But I believe in being prepared.  I wanted learn from other Grandmas, to study so I can take on the role with knowledge and skills.  A  Masters in Grandma. I was expecting to have all of you instruct  me  on How to be a Grandma. You know learn when to say no, how much to discipline,  teach them some skills and not step on Mom and Dad’s toes and all that being a Grandma entails. What I was not expecting was to feel so much love and passion from all types of people. Men, Women and Children love their Grandmas.And Grandma’s can ‘t say enough about the special type of love a Grandchild brings .Just to hear the word Grandma evokes so much emotion from everyone I ask, How to be a Grandma. I have  changed my mind from seeking what I need to learn  and instead looking forward to the overwhelming joy being a Grandma instills in a person. No matter How you are a Grandma. The bonds between Grandmas and children have the ability to transform both children and adults. The stories and letters I have begun to collect have touched me deeply and hopefully a few of you have felt this too. So to answer the big question why did I start this Blog? It was to learn, and now why I will continue this Blog will be to feel. To feel all the love that being a Grandma evokes for me and all of you. Keep your stories and letters coming and go out and learn something today, just maybe you will be surprised at what you feel.


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