How to babysit Grandma


Submitted by Megan C.:

Megan says ”  I’m so thankful the designer and director thought of me  I feel so blessed to have been chosen! We all got to keep the pieces as well which was such an unexpected treat! Perfect day!” Megan and her Mom and two Grandmothers were chosen to do a fashion photo editorial for Mother’s Day this year.The clothing line is VivianChan 

Here is a link to the Vivian Chan site. The clothing is so beautiful


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Grandma’s Got an App for That !

Anyone with a Smart Phone knows apps can be very helpful. I have put a list together of the best apps for Grandma to have on Her phone:

1. I Emergency ICE Family Pro


Stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency involving you:

+ A list of people to call — can call directly from the app
+ Insurance information 
+ Doctor names and numbers — can call directly from the app
+ Allergies
+ Medical Conditions
+ Medications
+ Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide




2.: Mom Maps


Looking for a great play date place? Need to find indoor fun on a rainy day or a nearby playground when you’re on the road? Mom Maps Free lets you tap the collective wisdom of parents everywhere to find kid-friendly fun when you need it. Search our extensive list of parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas, as well as reviews by parents, for parents. We also partner with top parent bloggers and family travel experts to bring you their top kid-friendly picks.
3.: Lullabies and Teddies
Have your child started singing rhymes?? Need a singing partner??
Having trouble remembering the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Did you know it has five verses? This lullaby player includes the lyrics so you can sing along.
4.: Kids Meal Deals
KidsMealDeals provides users with localized information about kid-focused dining promotions.With KidsMealDeals for Android you can now experience the same functionality the press has been raving about on its Web-based counterpart. Through user-defined search criteria, KidsMealDeals provides instant access to thousands of restaurants offering “kids meal deals” and “kids eat free” promotions.
5.: Baby Brain Music
 This very simple music player, with nice big colored buttons that move, rotate and change size, each of which emits classic music (Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi) and the effect is the same :-). I use it in the car to stay quiet and in the morning when Iacopo wake up to create a relaxing atmosphere during breakfast (even for us parents;-).)
6.: First Aid
first ad
When you are in a emergency situation, how to deal with it? You need some instructions and First aid is your first choice.
First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or support other people by giving them instructions. It is based on illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how to take the necessary action step by step and in the right order.
7.: Babymonitor
Regular baby monitors and alarms have their limits in coverage and and are a hassle to carry along with you.
We developed NannyPhone based on our experience as parents and use it ourselfs to monitor our kids.With the NannyPhone you can finally enjoy your time while your baby is sleeping – anywhere and without compromise.Your NannyPhone is easily set up and will reliably monitor your baby’s sleep using the smartphones microphone.
If the recorded volume reaches the configured sensitivity level, the Nanny will call you on the chosen phone number and you may hear for yourself what your child is up to.
8.: Tweekaboo
Family life is all about moments. The first moments, the messy moments, the tender moments, the 3am moments, the proud moments. These are the wonderful real-life moments that tell the story of your child’s life. We call these moments Tweekaboo moments. 
At Tweekaboo we’re parents too. Designed for busy families, Tweekaboo uses your smart phone to make saving magic moments, easy.
Pincam is a video recorder app for iPhone that lets you capture, save, and edit the best moments in your life. The app features a unique “Pin” button for highlighting different parts of your video, a collection of artistic video filters, a sleek user interface, and share options so you can relive every video with your friends and family. –
All of these apps and more can be found at I Tunes and online

How to be a Grandson


This 19 year old Ohio high school senior took his 89 year old Great Grandma to his senior prom, because she did not get to go to her’s  when she was younger. They went to dinner beforehand, took photos, danced to her favorite song and had a night to remember. What a Great Grandson. This is how to treat a Grandma with style. They both look great and so happy.

7 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Grandparents



These interviews on Grandparenting as a Celebrity were orginally posted on The Huffington Post Yagana Shah

1. Spoil them when you can:

Sally Field has had a number of roles under her belt, but these days you can find her playing babysitter to her grandkids — despite her busy schedule. “I’m probably like every other grammy. I give them too much. I let them run all over me,” Field toldLadies Home Journal of her four grandchildren. “They love to come over to the house and swim in the pool… When I can be with them I am a great grandmother

2. Share Your interests when you can

It seems the Beatles rocker Paul McCartney has always wanted grandkids — and now he has his wish. He penned the song, “When I’m Sixty-Four” back in the 1960s, which includes the phrase, “If it’s not too dear; We shall scrimp and save; Grandchildren on your knee; Vera, Chuck & Dave.” And now McCartney is the proud grandpa of eight! And it appears they’ve inherited some of his musical genius. He told The New York Times about how, like any cool grandpa, he plays “Rock Band” with his grandkids. “My grandkids always beat me at Rock Band. And I say, Listen, you may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up,” he said. Adorable.

3. Trust ,Appreciate and Respect your kids as parents

While Blythe Danner calls being grandma her top role and the one that’s most important to her, you won’t find her doling out parenting advice to daughter Gwyneth Paltrow. “I’m not quite as wise and judicious in my input. I try to just be there if needed,” Danner told MSN. “My daughter is extraordinary with them,” she said of grandkids Apple and Moses. “She’s a much more patient mother than I was…when she had children she just was completely devoted to that and listens to them and talks to them. They never have temper tantrums because she just knows how to sweep them aside and talk to them and they listen. She’s very rational. I just admire it. I don’t know how she does it really,” Danner said

4. Emulate your own Grandparents

Prince Charles is just starting to get the hang of being a grandparent, with his first grandchild being born less than a year ago. But it’s clear the future monarch has it figured out pretty well already. The heir to the throne told well-wishers on a royal visitthat he’s following his late grandmother’s lead. “Yes, it’s a different part of life. The great thing is to encourage them. Show them things to take their interest. My grandmother did that, she was wonderful.” He also added the importance of developing a close bond with your grandkids early on and that he’s been told he will likely have more time for his grandkids than he did for his kids. The Queen Mother had a particularly close relationship with Charles since he was a child, and reportedly even tried to help keep him from attending a boarding school far away from home.

5. Lead by Example

Heartthrob Tony Danza is among Hollywood’s youngest grandparents, becoming a grandpa at just 53! Danza himself was a young father, but says parenting is even more difficult nowadays. His advice? ” it all goes back to showing them how to be a good person. Keep them close to you. And make dinner together,” Danza Danza says he enjoys cooking with his grandson, “Nicky Macaroni,” making pizza with him. “I want to be a good example.”

6. Draw from your own Parenting Mistakes

Parenthood was a bumpy road for crooner Lionel Richie and his reality-TV-star daughter, Nicole. Nicole had a troubled phase around the same time she shot to stardom in Hollywood, dealing with drug addiction and legal troubles. She’s since become a successful fashion designer, philanthropist, and mother. “When you have a teenage daughter growing up in Hollywood, in the business, I mean, what I went through with Nicole… honestly, there is no control,” Richie told omg! Insider. Richie says he’s better being grandfather, than he was being a father, given his parenting experience. Richie said Nicole now comes to him for parenting advice.

7.Make up your own Rules

Find out what works for you, whether it’s a certain style of grandparenting, how often you see your grandkids, or how much involvement you have in major decisions in their life. Heck, you don’t even have to call yourself a grandparent. Admittedly, many people are daunted by being called “grandma” or “grandpa” — especially when they are younger grandparents. Blythe Danner, Goldie Hawn, and Priscilla Presley all prefer not to be called grandma, given the “aged” connotation of the word. Hawn calls herself a “Glam-ma.” There’s more than one right way. Find out what works for you and your family.


Build a Library to Love


Build a library of books your Grandchild will love. Share your favorites and seek out new ones to share. Your Grandchild will learn to love books and this is a lifelong passion that will benefit them in many ways.

Top of our book list was:

Good Night Moon Margaret Wise Brown

On the Night Your Were Born Nancy Tillman

Grandfather Twilight Barbara Helen Berger

Caps for Sale Esphyr Slobobkina

How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight Jane Yolen

The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein

The BFG Roald Dahl

Love You Forever Robert M Munsch

Charlotte’s Web E B White

The Napping House Audrey Wood


What are your family favorites ?



Click on this link for a list of favorites:

Grandma Monica’s 1st Lil Project on You Tube



Grandma Monica’s art project with her Grand Daughter. I love the colors chosen to use and how the project turned out. Thank you for submitting the video

Grandma Monica says : Our 1st lil project only took 2 weeks lol hanging out at grandma’s

Here is the You Tube link :



Grandma’s Blog



Start a  personal Blog that any member of the family can add to. Children will enjoy seeing their  pictures on the Blog, and you can post accounts that you remember from your childhood, preserving your memories for generations . Ask other relatives to post as well, adding whatever memories and pictures they can.  Your blog can function as an ongoing family reunion, which can be especially valuable for families who are separated by large distances. There are many different formats for the Blog such as Storybook, Educational, Timeline or Scrapbook.Pick the format that best fits your family’s style.Make it fun and the more family members  that contribute the better the content will be on the Blog.

Here are easy instructions on how you or one of your family members can start a Blog. The Blog is easy to maintain and can be accessed by many family members. The Blog can be free or  have a minimal cost.

Click on this link to get started :

The Blog can integrate Family photos, biblical scripture, recipes, newspaper articles, awards and any information that makes your family unique.

This Blog has contained a bit of my family history and we hope to add a capsule of family history for future generations.

Please contact me with any questions and I can help you start your own Family Blog


Easter Peeps Sunflower Cake Recipe

Nanny Tibbits loves to bake a special cake for Easter Fun. Last year she made this Peeps Sunflower Cake. LIttle Emma had fun looking for easter eggs and eating this sunny flower cake  
Recipe  for this Sunny Easter Cake below
TOTAL TIME: Prep: 15 min. Bake: 30 min. + cooling
MAKES: 12 servings


  •   1 package yellow cake mix (regular size)
  •   2 cans (16 ounces each) chocolate frosting
  •   19 to 20 yellow chick Peeps candies
  • 1-1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

  1. Prepare and bake cake mix according to package directions, using two parchment paper-lined and greased 9-in. round baking pans. Cool in pans 10 minutes before removing to wire racks; remove paper. Cool completely.
  2. If cake layers have rounded tops, trim with a long serrated knife to make level. Spread frosting between layers and over top and sides of cake.
  3. For petals, arrange Peeps around edge of cake, curving slightly and being careful not to separate chicks. For sunflower seeds, arrange chocolate chips in center of cake. Yield: 12 servings.
Originally published as Peeps Sunflower Cake in Taste of Home February/March 2008, p67

Magic Jelly Bean Garden

Grandma Susette plans on every Easter planting a Magic Jelly Bean Garden with her grandson.The child plants some jelly beans and while the child sleeps grandma replaces the beans with lolli pops .When the child wakes the next morning there is a Magic Lolli pop garden. What a fun Easter idea

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