Submitted by Megan C.:

Megan says ”  I’m so thankful the designer and director thought of me  I feel so blessed to have been chosen! We all got to keep the pieces as well which was such an unexpected treat! Perfect day!” Megan and her Mom and two Grandmothers were chosen to do a fashion photo editorial for Mother’s Day this year.The clothing line is VivianChan 

Here is a link to the Vivian Chan site. The clothing is so beautiful


meg1 meg2 meg3 meg4 meg5 meg6

Grandma Fifi’s Wishes for Her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

The Proceeding collages are photos of Grandma Fifi’s Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. She was asked to write a few words wish to each child. The simple messages say so much about the Grandchild and Fifi’s hopes for their futures.Take the time to tell your Grandchildren your hopes for their future. 

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