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Start a  personal Blog that any member of the family can add to. Children will enjoy seeing their  pictures on the Blog, and you can post accounts that you remember from your childhood, preserving your memories for generations . Ask other relatives to post as well, adding whatever memories and pictures they can.  Your blog can function as an ongoing family reunion, which can be especially valuable for families who are separated by large distances. There are many different formats for the Blog such as Storybook, Educational, Timeline or Scrapbook.Pick the format that best fits your family’s style.Make it fun and the more family members  that contribute the better the content will be on the Blog.

Here are easy instructions on how you or one of your family members can start a Blog. The Blog is easy to maintain and can be accessed by many family members. The Blog can be free or  have a minimal cost.

Click on this link to get started :

The Blog can integrate Family photos, biblical scripture, recipes, newspaper articles, awards and any information that makes your family unique.

This Blog has contained a bit of my family history and we hope to add a capsule of family history for future generations.

Please contact me with any questions and I can help you start your own Family Blog


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