Three Generations of Beauty Inside and Out

Submitted by Megan Kennedy Cameron:

I think my grandmas make a difference in my life every day.My grandmas have taught me the value of time and just how precious it truly is.
If I can say I’m grateful for one thing, it would be the time I’ve spent with these two wise and tenacious woman. Both so unique, well traveled, and cultured, I feel as if I learn more talking intimately with these two stunning ladies than I would in any history or geography class.
Both of my grandmas’ eyes tell such a timeless story. I see into their souls and hearts, and when I look into their eyes I’m captivated by them. Everyone has those faces that pop into their minds when a situation arises. These are a couple that appear in mine- to comfort, to guide, to love, to listen, and to hold me to a standard. Sweet they are, but far from easy on me and for that I am forever grateful. They know I can succeed in anything I put my mind too because they’ve succeeded in everything they have put theirs too. Overcoming adversities such as culture change, losses, hardships, language challenges, and mother nature these to have proven to me I can accomplish anything and they won’t settle for anything less. I can’t wait until I can afford to take care of them on my own. You are my world Pauline M. Cameron and Junko Kennedy

Infinite Love and Blessings Always,
May May



  1. I love that your grandmas are your go-to bedrocks that you envision when you need some loving strength. There could be no greater compliment. And how wise of YOU to appreciate their wisdom. Beautiful.


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