Names for grandmas

One of the fun and interesting things I’ve enjoyed about being a grandma is the different names/titles I’ve been given by our grandkids. Our first guy, Devin, christened me ManyFifi when he was a little thing. He came up with the name completely on his one. We figured it was a hybrid of Mom for his mom, Nanny for my grandmother and his great-great, and his great grandmother, Fifi. Pretty clever and I could probably make the claim to be the one and only ManyFifi in the world. The next two in line, Julia and Sascha, called me Nanny from the get go. Tim’s mother, their great grandmother was also called Nanny but there never seemed to be any confusion with it. Next came, Sophia, Devin’s little sister, and I along with everyone else assumed she’d pick up the ManyFifi moniker for me. But, she streamlined it down to Nan…and has added the adjective Naughty in front of it as of late. (I can’t imagine why? ha ha) Four year old, Emma, is quite efficient in that she calls us GrandpaNanny. I suppose she sees us as one unit. I wonder if her new little baby brother, Jake, will adopt the same moniker for me/us. Actually when Emma was really tiny she called me, ‘ha,ha,ha.” When ever I walked in the room she’d utter hahahaha. I suppose it was because I let out a joyous laugh when I saw her. I reminded her of that the other day but she just looked at me like, “What? your name is GrandpaNanny.” I love it. On occasion, Devin will call me grandmother but always in a tongue in cheek sort of way. I’m not really sure what he calls me when I’m not around but as long as it’s nice, I’m good with it, right? So, I’m curious about other grandmother’s out there…what do your grandkids call you?


  1. Funny thing you ask I have often wondered what my future grand babies will call me Grandma Dawn just doesn’ t sound right … I have heard people try to get their babies to call them certain names and they end up very frustrated Sounds like go with the flow and whatever they call you Enjoy the new name


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