Technology Bringing Loved Ones Together Every Day

Technology in our society has been given a bad rap. People love to hate technology such as Facebook and Instagram  . They feel it takes away from close family interactions.I have found just the opposite.

My 82 year mother came over last night with her new laptop computer and wanted a few lessons. She  has been on Facebook for a few years and she gains so much from her time spent connecting with family and friend through social media.  With her new laptop computer she can reach out and connect with family with just a few clicks.She is able to see her grandchildren climb mountains, fly airplanes, travel to India, take Ice skating lessons and score a winning goal in a game .The ability to be a part of the busy lives of her grandchildren  keeps her vested in their daily lives.

Another form of technology used to connect with Grand children are sites like Skype and Tango. These two apps are one step better then a phone call. They  connect  you with your grandchild wherever they are through the computer.You are able to see and hear your grandchild.

Instagram is another app you can use on your computer or IPhone to stay connected to your grandchildren.Instagram uses photos and short messages to relay an instant message between you and your grandchild.

Certainly learning to use all of this technology can be a bit intimidating but the perfect solution  is let your grandchild teach you. Spend some time with them in front of a computer and learn from them while enjoying a shared interest.



Here are a few tutorials on using some of the techonology I have mentioned :


Technology can be a tool to help you be a part of your grandchild’s life very day


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