The Zen of Grand Mothering

The Zen of Grand Mothering is another way of saying to be in the moment with your grandchild. We all have busy lives that demand all of us to go in different directions at all times. The word Zen has many different definitions. To be in the present moment is one definition. The whole point of Zen practice is to become fully aware, here and now.When We get the opportunity to spend time with our Grandchildren ,and all of our love ones, to be fully present both mentally and physically is essential to building a bond.With a child they tend to demand our undivided attention when in their presence.Often times we are interacting with our Grandchild at the same time as attempting to engage in other activities; Visiting with others, household chores and other activities. To set aside an hour , 1/2 a day or a weekend is very important. To practice the art of mindfulness with a child is essential. When we take time to sit and cuddle, hug, hold their hand and bond with them this is a Zen moment. Reading, singing,laughing are all ways to be in the moment.When your Grandchild is a teen often time they are not interested in spending time with you. What can help during this time is planning a physical activity away from distractions like television, I Phones and shopping.Take a walk near the ocean,find a park to explore,gardening and crafting are all good one on one activities when spending time with a teen. We think of teens as aloof and distracted when really they are wanting some Zen moments too.I hope this helps remind all of us to be present both physically and mentally with our loved ones.I know I need to practice this more often myself. How are ways to spend Zen moments with your Grandchildren or loved ones?


This Budda was a gift from my Mom ,Fifi, when Michael and I were married. Her intentions were to inspire some off spring of our own. While this was not in the cards for us I like to think this Budda is a sign of Grandchildren to come.

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