Grandma Fifi’s Words of Wisdom

Submitted by Fifi Harris ( Grandmother/Great Grandmother)

First of all when your grandchildren are born you are more than delighted!
There is only one big problem,
They don’t know you!

So what I did was made it a point to get to know each and everyone of my grand kids.

It should not  matter if you have 1 or 15 getting to know
each one of your grandchildren on a personal level is very important..
As a parent your children know you because they are around you everyday,
But as a grandparent it is your job to make yourself known.Take the time to connect with the child early and as they grow. Find something they love and encourage them.

I have heard a number of times “My grandchildren never come over.”
I believe it is due to the fact they have not let themselves be known, maybe they have not let them know at an early age that we as grandmas are here to stay and that we will always be here no matter what!
As long as they know that when life throws you lemons,
your grandma will be the one to help you make the lemonade.
You have done your job as a grandma!


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