God Made Them Each Uniquely Different

I would like all my grandchildren and children to know that Jesus loves them. I would like them to know that there is no one who is exactly like them because God made them each uniquely different with them having their own unique gifts.  I would like them to feel loved and be able to face the challenges of this world.  I want them to know the love of family and friends and to be able to love us in return.
Love them all, Grama Sandy

 This is a photo of Sal and His new baby sister Carla.

These are two of Grama Sandy’s Grandchildren.


Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Sascha has always been a great helping hand in the kitchen…esp when it comes to eggs. Here’s a photo of him making a big batch of scrambled eggs a few years back. This past summer he made some awesome devilled eggs during our reunion get together. So fun to share the kitchen with this guy.

Holding Hands.

Holding Hands.

Holding hands with Sophia is a tradition that I hope will last a lifetime. We don’t see each other often enough but when we do we hold on to each other pretty tight. We giggle at the same silly things and find interesting habits and traits in common. She is a great friend, and awesome granddaughter. Every time I start to miss her, I just think about her hand in mine.

Grandma Fifi’s Wishes for Her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

The Proceeding collages are photos of Grandma Fifi’s Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. She was asked to write a few words wish to each child. The simple messages say so much about the Grandchild and Fifi’s hopes for their futures.Take the time to tell your Grandchildren your hopes for their future. 





Health and Happiness is my wish


A Grandma’s Wish for her Grandchildren


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