How Do You Want to be Remembered ?

Earlier this week I asked How to be a Grandma’s Facebook Friends, What single thing reminds you of your Grandma ?  A scent, item or place ? The answers I received were telling of how the smallest detail can leave a lasting impression on a child. The items most listed  were foods: Spaghetti, Meatballs,Candies, and Sweets to name a few. We had a friend list Virginia Slim cigarettes and another tell me a Martini was a reminder of Grandma. Places and Holidays ranked high on the list too.How a certain anthem played caused a Grandchild,who is now a Grandma, to  remember her Grandma’s loyalty to the crown. The lasting impressions a Grandma’s choices make can leave a Grandchild with fond memories.

Today I ask all of you How do you want to be remembered .For your love of life ? Your joy in the kitchen. How you rescued stray animals and nursed them back to health? Maybe your spirituality or your ability to sing a song that brings a tear to an eye. I for one will most likely be remembered for my love for the ocean and family.

Today  think back on memories of your beloved Grandma and take a look at how you will be remembered. 




  1. Nancy Patterson says:

    I would like to be remembered by my food and all the love I have for my granddaughter!!

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  2. I would like to be remembered for my hands…they are not the prettiest but my grandchildren know they are always ready to hold theirs. I made a deal with Devin when he was little to always hold my hand when he crosses the street. So far he’s kept the deal. Tim has started taking pictures of Sophia and I holding hands as we walk in front of him. Little Emma is always concerned about the rash I have and inspects my hands when she sees me. Julia likes to exclaim how little they are and Sascha likes it when I do the double jointed finger bending. But most importantly, I want to them remember that I was always there to hold their hands when they needed it…both symbolically and actual.


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