“She’s seen me through the best and hardest times of My life and Hers”

Submitted by Mary Beth Myers (Soon to be Mary Beth Muscarella) My grandma is a very special person. She’s not just my grandma, she’s my confidant, my advisor, and one of my closest friends. Growing up my grandma and I were close. She taught me to love reading, art and musicals. Her remedy for sick days was always cuddling in her bed while watching The Sound of Music. She would hum along to every song and every time if would feel better wrapped in her arms.

When my mom passed away six years ago I clung to my family, but most of all I clung to my grandma and she clung to me. She knew what it was to lose a mother, she lost hers when she was 12 years old. I would not be where I am nor who I am without this woman’s presence in my short 25 years of life. I certainly would still be curled up in my mom’s bed crying if she hadn’t rescued me. Needless to say she’s seen me through the best and hardest times of my life and I hers. She’s the first one I call with good and bad news.

She’s literally the best advice giver; some of her most famous lines of advice, “Always find a place in your heart for forgiveness”, “never go to the bathroom outside unless you’re waste high in water,” “never fake a laugh,” “always listen first and then speak,” “and think before you do speak,” “everyone deserves respect and love,” and my personal favorite, “too much cleavage makes you a tease.”

I was so excited to introduce her to my James, and even more thrilled when I called to tell her we were engaged! She told me that she knew I was loved in the best way because he looked at me the way she used to look at my Papa. She’s one of two people I allow to use my full name; she’s usually uses it when I’m sassing her. I could go on and on because she is just that special. She’s lived so much in her 88 years, seen it all and yet she yearns for more; always learning and always listening to knew stories, beliefs, and opinions. She’s more than a role model, I guess she’s my idol. I love nothing more than hearing her laugh and really it’s a giggle. She’s my gma, my wise compadre, and my heart




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