“I am so Lucky to be here on earth to be a Grandma”

These are the words of My sister-in-law Nancy. Nancy had a successful kidney transplant three years ago and knows how special being alive to welcome her first Grandchild into the world can be. After many years of illness Nancy did not know if she would be around to hold her grandchild and watch her grow. My brother-in-law ( Nancy’s brother Steven) was able to donate a kidney to Nancy. Three years later Nancy is strong and enjoys all of life’s blessings, especially being a Grandma to Gabriella Grace. Nancy says “I’ve only been a Grandma for one year but I will say it has been one of the best years of my life.Just seeing the joy and happiness Gabriella brings to everyone she meets brings me such happiness.The only advice I can give is to let parents be parents and be blessed to be a Grandma and enjoy everything.” A life lesson we can learn from Nancy’s experience is the pure joy of being a Grandparent is one of life’s greatest rewards.


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